360 Degree Product Photography

360 Degree Product Photography is a revolutionary approach that allows for a comprehensive and immersive visual experience of a product. It generates a series of images, typically shot in a circle around the item, which are then stitched together to form a rotating or interactive display. This gives prospective buyers the feeling of physically handling the product as they can view it from any angle, leading to a more informed and confident buying decision.

The technology behind 360-degree product photography primarily involves specialized equipment, including turntables, high-quality cameras, appropriate lighting setups, and advanced software for image stitching. The process involves placing the product on a rotating turntable and taking multiple shots at different angles as the product spins. These images are then integrated using special software, resulting in a seamless, interactive, 360-degree view.

360 Degree Product Photography service in Bangladesh by Nijol Creative

The impact of 360 Degree Product Photography on e-commerce can’t be overstated. Instead, it provides online shoppers with an almost tactile, in-store experience from the comfort of their homes. This mitigates the traditional limitations of online shopping, where customers can only view static images of the products. By offering a comprehensive visual depiction, it enhances customer trust, drives engagement, and significantly reduces product return rates.

360 Degree Product Photography is more than just a fancy technology—it’s a digital game-changer, transforming the e-commerce landscape by providing an enriched user experience that makes online shopping almost as palpable as visiting a physical store.

Nijol Creative's high quality 360 Degree Product Photography service in Bangladesh

Types of 360 Degree Product Photography

360-degree product photography has revolutionized the way products are showcased and marketed online. Providing an interactive and immersive viewing experience enables customers to examine products from all angles and make more informed purchasing decisions. There are several types of 360-degree product photography techniques that can be employed to capture and present products from different perspectives. Here are some common types:

Interactive 360-degree product photography
360-degree product videos
3D product modeling
Multi-row 360-degree product photography
Focus stacking 360-degree product photography
High-resolution 360-degree product photography

Who Needs 360 Degree Product Photography Service?

360 Degree Product Photography Service finds its relevance across a wide range of sectors, virtually touching any industry with a digital presence and wanting to offer customers a more interactive and immersive online shopping experience.

E-Commerce Businesses

Perhaps the most obvious beneficiaries of 360 Degree Product Photography are E-commerce retailers. From clothing and jewelry to furniture and electronic devices, businesses selling products online can significantly benefit by offering customers a comprehensive view of their offerings, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing return rates.

Real Estate

Real estate agencies can also benefit from this service. Providing potential buyers or tenants with a 360-degree view of properties can give them a virtual tour that resembles a physical walkthrough, leading to increased engagement and faster decision-making.

Automotive Industry

Car dealerships can use 360 Degree Product Photography to present comprehensive views of vehicles – both exteriors and interiors – to potential buyers. This immersive experience can help the customer decide without even setting foot on the showroom floor.

Museums and Galleries

Institutions like museums and art galleries can leverage this technology to create virtual tours, making art and historical artifacts accessible to global audiences and thus expanding their reach.

Hospitality Sector

Hotels, resorts, and restaurants can use 360 Degree Product Photography to showcase their facilities, rooms, amenities, and dining areas, providing potential guests with a real-life feel of their premises and encouraging bookings.


Manufacturers of machinery, equipment, and parts can use 360-degree photography to display the intricate details and functionalities of their products to potential clients or customers.

Any business or organization aiming to provide an enriched visual experience of their products or spaces to their clients or customers can significantly benefit from 360 Degree Product Photography Services. The wide-angle, comprehensive view not only gives users a realistic experience but also builds trust and authenticity, leading to increased customer satisfaction and enhanced business performance.

Best 360 Degree Photography service provider In Bangladesh - Nijol Creative

We Offer The Best 360 Degree Photography In Bangladesh

If you want to capture your products in a dynamic, immersive, and breathtaking 360-degree view, Nijolcreative is your best option. As one of Bangladesh’s most acclaimed photography and videography agencies, Nijolcreative has carved a niche in 360 Degree Product Photography.

What sets Nijolcreative apart from the rest is its team of highly skilled and passionate photographers who don’t just capture images; they narrate your product’s story through captivating visuals. Each click, each angle, and every pixel is treated with an unparalleled level of precision and dedication. And the result? A seamless, interactive 360-degree view that breathes life into your product, immersing your customers in an almost tangible shopping experience.

Nijolcreative’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of photography and its relentless pursuit of perfection is evident in its stunning portfolio. We understand the nuances of light, the science of angles, and the art of showcasing a product in its most appealing form. Our skillful handling of the most advanced photography tools ensures a level of realism that goes beyond the ordinary.

Moreover, Nijolcreative’s comprehensive services don’t end with the shutter click. Instead, our proficient editing team takes over, employing the latest software to stitch images into an interactive 360-degree view that’s smoothly navigable and leaves an indelible impact.

Our Process

Our 360 Degree Photography Process

360 degree photography is a new concept of product promotion in Bangladesh. Not only does it require exceptional detailing but you’ll also need the perfect balance of light and shadow to depict a flawless 360 image. And that’s exactly what we offer at Nijol Creative. We aim to deliver the highest quality rotatable images of your ecommerce products by following the steps below.



First, we’ll have a meeting with you and then review your product, its size and shape, and previous sample photos (if any).



Next, our team will gather whatever is needed for the shoot- artificial lighting (if needed), set up the shots, and finally take the photos.



We’ll make sure to fix every detail so you get the best photo possible and bring them to life.



Once everything is done, we’ll finalize and provide you with the best photos to guarantee your satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

What Makes Us Different?

If you are looking for professional 360 degree photography for your ecommerce shop/website, Nijol Creative is the best product photographer in Bangladesh. We have successfully completed thousands of commercial and client photography projects all over the country. Whether for small businesses or million-dollar industries, Nijol Creative has the perfect package for all!

Professional Photographers

All our photographers have extensive technical knowledge of background and lighting, which is extremely crucial in 360 degree photography.

Over 10 Years of Experience

In our 10 years of passionate photography journey, we have worked with thousands of clients from all over the country.

24/7 Support and Services

Our dedicated client support and services make us the trusted agency in 360 degree photography in Bangladesh.

Affordable and Budget Friendly

At Nijol Creative, you’ll find the most premium quality yet budget-friendly 360 degree product photography packages.


Discover Our 360 Degree Product Photoshoots

The demand for 360 degree photography in Bangladesh is rapidly growing as consumers are more aware of the products they buy, more seriously than ever before. As professional photographers, we have helped hundreds of freelance, social media, and e-commerce businesses highlight their unique products through unique images. Here’s only a fraction of what we can do.

Service Plans and Charges

Knock Us for Service Plan And Charge

We, the team Nijol Creative have a highly professional, dedicated photography, designing, and event planning team; to offer you enormous services in the field of photography and videography. Please knock us directly through our hotline number to get all the answers to your queries regarding our service plan and its charges. Thank You!


360 Degree Product Photography FAQ

It’s only natural to have more questions about how 360 degree photography actually works and what we offer. So, here we’ve covered some of the frequently asked questions about our services that most of our clients often ask.

Client Testimonials

What Our Client Says

Our clients come from all walks of life. Not just in Bangladesh, we have also worked with clients from India and the USA. Our clients can better convey how our work has impacted them and what they feel about our services. So let’s hear from all our respected clients-

Don’t mistake thinking NijolCreative is only for wedding photography, this team is as much versatile as one can get! They did an AMAZING job covering our event at Digital World 2014, and we’ll definitely be looking forward to using NijolCreative’s service again in the future.

Saidur Mamun Khan

Country Manager, Upwork

Nijol Creative is actually one of the most renowned product and wedding photography agency that I have come across, have worked in several multinational projects with NC team and always had the most sincere services from them, price is very reasonable and the quality of work.

Shoeb Mohammad

Bangladesh Brand Ambassador at Payoneer

NijolCreative team is very enthusiastic in taking new challenges. Such thing happened in #Payoneer #Forum #Khulna 2016. They took the challenge of taking 300 funny photos in the event and print those photos while the show was on and delivered 300 printed photos !

Emrazina I. Khan

Bangladesh Brand Ambassador at Payoneer

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Quality Is Our Guarantee

At Nijol Creative Photography, we understand that 360 product photography can make or break a business or even boost sales. You can count on our services in product photography for brand websites, marketplaces, social media, or any other type of promotion. Nijol Creative provides the best quality photographs and guaranteed service with 24/7 support at an affordable price. Contact us today; we will help you stand out from the crowd as you never did before!

Our Team

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Teamwork defines our core ideology. Being experts in different fields, we put our best in every project together and conjure standout designs from every difficulty that comes forth.

At Nijol Creative, we have the best graphic designer BD who are experts in handling different designing tools and have experience in managing graphic designing projects across various industries. We are dedicated to providing result-driven creative, and professional graphic design services to all our clients. Collaborating with us means choosing a dedicated, professional, and creative graphic design agency as a trusted partner for your team.

the team of expert photographers of Nijol Creative photography

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Brands We’ve Worked With

We are really fortunate to have the privilege of working with many big brands, both national and international. And we are feeling glad to share our success with you. So these are some of the brands we have worked with so far, and we hope to work with many more brands like these in the future.

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