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We create memories for you to cherish. Passion is the power that runs through our vein and creativity is the path that we have chosen to deliver you the best one can get.


“As a leading photography agency of the country, valuing our customers’ demands are our paramount priority. But what keeps us in the leading position is not just following orders but to see your demands as our dreams. And when it comes about fulfilling dreams, we leave no stone unturned. Only then do we give you the best creative solution that can ever be produced. We understand that today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories. So we assist clients to hold the most meaningful moments of their lives. This is one of the fundamentals on which we are built.”

Abu Sufian Nilove
Founder & CEO


About Nijolcreative

NijolCreative Photography started its journey in 2011. Abu Sufian Nilove is the founder and CEO of this agency. He had a camera with lens and flash when he started NijolCreative Photography and the rest is history. . . Why only Wedding & Product photography? NijolCreative Photography is here with the excellent crafts and alternatives such as Videography, Digital Branding, and Film changing. Though we have grown to represent creative photography especially Wedding & Product photography oriented work.

Abu Sufian Nilove

Abu Sufian Nilove, the CEO of NijolCreative Photography started his professional photography career in 2006. Since he was a child, he was passionate about graphics and photography. Though he was used to draw or sketch on a book’s cover and on homework copy as well. Those were the rising signs of his creativity and passion. Consequently, starting photography career with a photo studio in 2006, Abu Sufian figured out the fundamental of Digital photography from one of his friends.


Our aim is always to put all the moments of a couple’s big day that is their wedding in a Diary – just like a story. We always try to make a couple’s dream true just like a fairy tale. We believe, photography is not just about some photographs only. It’s about a story, moments and love that couples are truly cherish for.


Teamwork defines our core ideology. Being expert in different fields, we put our best in every project together and conjure beauty from every difficulty that comes forth.