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NijolCreative Photography Announces a 10% Discount on the First Ever Online Payment System in Bangladesh

NijolCreative photography, the leading photography firm in Bangladesh has today announced the introduction of the best online photographic packages offer in Bangladesh for all its clients.

As the very first photographic company to provide online photographic packages, NijolCreative photography has chosen to give a 10% discount for all its packages including premium and regular packages as a token of appreciation to all its online customers. The offer is also intended to provide affordable services and an easy way to make orders and payments online.


Speaking about the new offer and the need for affordable photographic services, the CEO of NijolCreative photography, Mr Abu Sufian Nilove had this to say, “Dhaka is one of the most celebrated cities in the world. Many people love its memories and enjoy its scenic beauty. No wonder we have many ceremonies and weddings always going down here. It is because of this that we want the experience to be bigger and better for everyone irrespective of location. That’s why we offer online photographic packages and payment gateways at the best discounted prices.”

By providing its clients with this service, NijolCreative photography will be opening a way to save valuable time that would have been wasted while physically ordering for photography services. This will in turn make service provision in Bangladesh easy and save many people who find it hard to move around in this highly traffic congested but beautiful country of Bangladesh.

With such an offer, it is expected that the many events that go down in Bangladesh will now have a more affordable budget to go with, but with an awesome and high form of photography expertise. Talk of getting the best for less and that’s exactly the picture that Nijol provides today.

Having been at the fore front of providing the populous country of Bangladesh with the best wedding, fashion, and product photography, Nijol has made a major milestone by choosing to provide their clients with this offer as they now allow everyone to celebrate the moments that count in their lives.

This is not the only thing that NijolCreative has provided too. Today, they own one of the best photography schools in Bangladesh. The school provides mentorship for new photographers. They also train photographers and have since held some of the best photography seminars in Bangladesh today. T

The CEO Abu Sufian Nilove has taken it upon himself to ensure that NijolCreative remains committed to providing excellence and listening to the needs of their customers every single day.


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