Terms Conditions

It is mutually agreed that this contract is subject to all of the terms and conditions outlined below, the agreement is to form an integral part of this contract and that no variation or modification of this contract shall be effective unless accepted by both NijolCreative Photography and the client, in writing.


# For each extra hour of our photographers/videographers/cinematographers, the charge will be Tk.5,000 per hour.

# For each extra hour of Abu Sufian Nilove, the charge will be Tk.10,000 per hour.

# These packages are designed for Dhaka City only.

# For Hindu Wedding, 50% of the total bill will be added.

# For Events outside Dhaka, 50% of the total bill will be added.

# It may take around 3 working days to deliver all the soft copies if full payment is cleared.

# Clients themselves have to select the pictures to print and collect the photos.

# Once the pictures are selected it takes around 4 weeks to deliver the exclusively edited and printed pictures and 6-8 weeks to deliver the Final video.

# For emergency reasons if someone needs the photos and videos before 4 weeks then the charge will be Tk. 10,000 per event.

# All outstanding payment needs to be cleared and all soft copies needs to be collected within 7 working days .

# All Edited & Printed copies has to be collected within 3 months. After 3 months NijolCreative Photography will not be responsible for any data loss.

# If our client does not allow sharing of their images as a portfolio then thay must pay extra 50% payment of the original packages.

We are very flexible with requests and provide an upfront pricing structure; please have a look at our Packages for more details. These packages are just a criteria and sample we provide, but you can choose on your own. We feel that estimating prices without knowing your demands is totally bizarre and unethical. This is why we are always pleased to discuss your project at your convenience. Yes, you can customize our packages according to your demand and budget. Then why not get in touch today for an eye-catching, professional imagery at a competitive price? 

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