Hold The Moment Forever.

Passion is Power. And Creativity the Path that Delivers it.
Hold your Best Moment Forever with the Most Artistic Photography Today.


We create memories for you to cherish. Passion is the power that runs through our vein and creativity is the path that we have chosen to deliver you the best one can get.


We hold the moments that matter the most with a wide range of photography services that are focused on creativity, passion, art, professionalism, desires, and originality. The best thing about what we deliver is the emotional impact that it creates, the ties that it draws, and above all how it immortalizes every moment. With our skills and artistry we will give you every unique moment in time immortalized in much more than just a picture. Relish all the special days in time forever.


Photography immortalizes the moments. Cinematography tells the tale! We have advanced skills, experience, knowledge, and love, for expert cinematography and every element that will make it click! We are willing to pursue your story, make it artistic, and tell it with the precision and originality that it deserves. Cinematography is the oil that breathes life to photography. And we want our clients happy and satisfied. Our passion is to speak your vision with the lasting impact.

Photo Book

We don’t just hold that moment and breathe life into it, no! We also help you to store them perfectly so they will be cherished with those who come after you. We understand why the need to relive them, leave your loved ones with a story to tell, and keep a memorable walk down memory lane is important. That’s why we will help you to create a personalize photo book with a range of styles for every occasion. Let us help you to preserve your memories in unrivaled ways.

Graphic Design

To add color, style, beauty, and brand to your work, we introduce expert graphic design and take it to a whole new level. We will make your photos a brand of their own and follow every detail that your heart desires to your ultimate satisfaction. We’re specialized in creating beautiful, usable, professional graphic designs with best practice accessibility, tools, timelines, and experts. We create visual concepts that inspire, and captivate our clients in the only way we know how.

Motion Graphic

Repetition is the art of success. We understand this best and how it makes a difference in the lives our clients. To keep the memories flowing and make every single day a colorful day, we will put together a video that contains animations and visual effects that evokes your emotions and engages your creativity. We bring still graphics to life with visual effects, animation, and cinematic technique to make your lifestyle dreams, journey, joys, and adventures, very engaging.

Digital Branding

Like the saying goes, “you are what you profess.” With our digital branding techniques we will give your photos an ideal personality. The same will apply to your products and brand. We will style you up such that you stand out above the rest and make a lasting impact to every life that you touch. Our digital branding concepts, styles, techniques, and principles will give you exactly that. We provide our photographic arts for use in branding, advertisements, and pure marketing.


“As a leading photography agency of the country, valuing our customers’ demands are our paramount priority. But what keeps us in the leading position is not just following orders but to see your demands as our dreams. And when it comes about fulfilling dreams, we leave no stone unturned. Only then do we give you the best creative solution that can ever be produced. We understand that today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories. So we assist clients to hold the most meaningful moments of their lives. This is one of the fundamentals on which we are built.”

Abu Sufian Nilove
Founder & CEO

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About Nijolcreative

NijolCreative Photography started its journey in 2011. Abu Sufian Nilove is the founder and CEO of this agency. He had a camera with lens and flash when he started NijolCreative Photography and the rest is history. . . Why only Wedding & Product photography? NijolCreative Photography is here with the excellent crafts and alternatives such as Videography, Digital Branding, and Film changing. Though we have grown to represent creative photography especially Wedding & Product photography oriented work.

Abu Sufian Nilove

Abu Sufian Nilove, the CEO of NijolCreative Photography started his professional photography career in 2006. Since he was a child, he was passionate about graphics and photography. Though he was used to draw or sketch on a book’s cover and on homework copy as well. Those were the rising signs of his creativity and passion. Consequently, starting photography career with a photo studio in 2006, Abu Sufian figured out the fundamental of Digital photography from one of his friends.


Teamwork defines our core ideology. Being expert in different fields, we put our best in every project together and conjure beauty from every difficulty that comes forth.


We see our clients as if we are seeing ourselves in the mirror and treat them the way we would want to be treated by the world. We save only the best for them.


“Don't mistake thinking NijolCreative is only for wedding photography, this team is as much versatile as one can get! They did an AMAZING job covering our event at Digital World 2014, and we'll definitely be looking forward to using NijolCreative's service again in the future.“

Saidur Mamun Khan Country Manager, Upwork

The photos and moments you capture in NSU Annual Picnic are all stunning . Thank you so much for being so cooperative .
Nijol creative team is very Enthusiastic. . You guys work really hard to capture all the candid moments in Picnic .

Noor E Jannat Apsora Sub-committee at North South University Social Services Club

Nijol Creative is actually one of the most renowned product and wedding photography agency that I have come across, have worked in several multinational projects with NC team and always had the most sincere services from them, price is very reasonable and the quality of work is also blazing, for Bangladesh photography association and world wedding photographers society Nijol Creative is a brand that stands out of the crowd, I wish all the best for NC to expand, create more contents, and keep up the SUPERB work for the customers. 5 start no doubt 🙂

Shoeb Mohammad Bangladesh Brand Ambassador at Payoneer

After the big day for the rest of the life all We have is the memories. Beautiful memories to cherish for the rest of the life. I really can't thank you guys enough for making my big day a life time of memory that I will cherish forever. You guys really did an amazing job. Loved your dedication towards your work and of course attitude is a big thing. Never ever changed that. Thank you guys for capturing and making my memories so beautiful.

Trisha Ahmed

I wanna thank the whole team of NijolCreative. U guys r awesome. Thanx for capturing beautiful moments of my lyf so beautifully. I just loved ur dedication in work and ur warm behavior. Alhamdulillah that I hv chosen ur team for photography. I m so happy. 😀

Tanha Waheed Moyen

Premium quality photography and cinematography at affordable budget by NijolCreative.

Mirza Md. Ileush Head of Marketing at Shohoz.com

1st of all ...I want to give a big thx to nilove vaia and Apu for their behavior..cause this is a main thing especially I think that.2nd of all their team work was awesome,amazing And 3rd ....photography and their editing is wonderful.i'm really pleased that i chose Nijol Creative team.thanks a lot..

Tabassum Shaila

Thank you guys, for making my dream come true.

Aziza Ahmed Paula Chief Operations Officer at Prothom Alo Trust

Amr only 1tai eccha silo 2ta program ar each and every pic beautiful hobe and live hobe and full program camera lens a capture hobe jeno jwkhn eccha sobai oi moment gula k abar o feel krte pare... Alhamdulillah, i got Nijol Creative with wonderful team member... I had full faith j Nilove vaiya amk prottek ta pic a surprise dibe tar creativity diye and i got my surprise gift from him... Thanks to his team to help every one and me to make pose and click those moments,,, special thanks to Sabrina apu for helping me... I can't express how much i m ,,, in fact we all are satisfied with ur work.. Thanks a lot and best of luck for ur future work ( from me and my Husband)... 🙂

Jannat Ara Jessy Merchandiser at TG321 Company LTD

Nijol creative is really cooperative and they always try to meet the expectations of the client. Thatz wht happened with me & I am really happy not only with their work but also their cooperative attitude. I always wish them best in future.

Laila Rahman Popy
Laila Rahman Popy Business Development Executive at Westlife clothing

First of all..I would like to say they completely won my heart just by their behavior. Masha Allah. Second of all..their team work was amazing with absolute patience. And third..their photography..their editing is amazing. Really happy that I chose NijolCreative for my special day.

Tee Biva

Nilove bhai and his team covered our wedding, they are truly professional and know their work at best. We are highly impressed with the outcome and after service we got from them as well. Over all we are highly satisfied with them.

Nan Dini

The photos and moments you captured in my wedding, reception program & post wedding shoot are all STUNNING. Thank you so so much for being so cooperative, helpful & hardworking to capture the candid moments.
We are really grateful. You are amazing. We can't thank you enough for sharing your craft with us!

Al-Amin Kabir Founder at Marketever

NijolCreative team is very enthusiastic in taking new challenges. Such thing happened in #Payoneer #Forum #Khulna 2016. They took the challenge of taking 300 funny photos in the event and print those photos while the show was on and delivered 300 printed photos to the individuals before the show was over! Everyone was happy with their services! I believe its a matter of dedication, courage and great team work to make it happen which NijolCreative owns for thousand times! I wish this team more success and progress in future. Keep it up!

Emrazina I. Khan Bangladesh Brand Ambassador at Payoneer

Thank you so much Abu Sufian Nilove bhai and Sabrina Parveen Khan apu for making everything extra special on our big day! Everything went great Alhamdulillah:) I will forever remember and cherish the moments we spent running around and the hassle trying to get the perfect shot lol 😜 apu I'm going to miss your sweet humble smile😭 in shaa Allah we will work together again in the future (of course with another sibling😂) your work is excellent and professional would definitely recommend you guys to anyone especially if there looking for the perfect photography. A big thank you to the camera crew who spent endless hours taking pictures and videos not getting enough sleep or being able to eat properly, so a big thank you to you guys!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Limu Uddin Rahin