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12 Years of Glory

 Nijol Creative - Best Photography & Videography Agency in Bangladesh

Best Photography & Videography Agency in Bangladesh

Industrial Photography

Nijol Creative's Product Photography service

Product Photography

Nijol Creative's Food Photography services in bangladesh

Food Photography

best Photo Retouching Services by Nijol Creative's expert team

Photo Retouching Services

Nijol Creative's Commercial Photography services in bangladesh

Commercial Photography

Wedding Photography and cinematography service by nijol creative in bangladesh

Wedding Photography

Maternity Photography services by Nijol Creative

Maternity Photography

Baby Photography service in Bangladesh by Nijol Creative

Baby Photography

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Fashion Photography

Who Are We?

Nijol Creative: The Best Professional Photography & Videography Agency In Bangladesh

Nijol creative photography a team of top photographers with a passion for photography and everything that comes with it. We are the leading and best photo studio in Dhaka to create art and crafts with photography.

Professionally trained photographers.
We have over 12 years of experience.
We offer excellence being affordable.


Where we are Unbeatable

Discover Nijol Creative’s comprehensive photography services, harnessing brand-focused advertisements, industrial narratives, elegant interior visuals, breathtaking drone views, personable headshots, detailed product images, event capture, and inclusive studio rental in Dhaka.

Nijol Creative’s Advertisement photography service


Capture the essence of your brand with Nijol Creative’s spellbinding photography, catapulting advertisement success through imaginative artistry.

industrial photography services by Nijol Creative


Nijol Creative masterfully encapsulates the industrial world, crafting vibrant narratives through pioneering industrial photography services.

Interior photography service by Nijol Creative


Nijol Creative transforms spaces into captivating stories with exceptional interior photography, enhancing brand narratives through visual elegance.

Nijol Creative's Professional Drone & Arial Photography & Videography service


Experience exceptional perspectives with Nijol Creative’s Drone Photography, turning the sky into a canvas of boundless imagination.

Nijol Creative’s Headshot Photography service


Capture your distinct persona with Nijol Creative’s Headshot Photography, blending professionalism and personality for stunning results.

Nijol Creative’s product photography service


Transform your vision into captivating visuals with Nijol Creative’s expertly crafted, detail-focused product photography service.

Nijol Creative’s Corporate Event photography service

Corporate Event

Nijol Creative captures the heart of your corporate events with captivating photography and videography in Bangladesh.

Studio Rent

Nijol Creative offers a comprehensive, fully-equipped studio rental service in Dhaka for your photo and video needs.

What We Do

As Professional

We create memories for you to cherish. Passion is the power that runs through our veins, and creativity is the path that we’ve chosen to deliver you the best you can get. Nijol Creative: we’re the best photographer in Bangladesh for your different tasks and projects.

Professional Studio Related photography and videography Services

Studio Related Services

Studio Rent
360 Degree
Professional Commercial photography and videography Services by Nijol Creative

Commercial Services

Professional Event photography and videography Services by Nijol Creative

Event Services

Corporate Event
Pre/Post Wedding / Outdoor Session


Discover Our Videoshoot

Succinctly convey your brand promise and inspire a call to action with the best commercial photography services in Bangladesh. Our commercial product photographer uses artistic skill and customization to dynamically deliver your message to new and existing customers in an engaging way.


Discover Our Photoshoot

We do what we are best at – photographing your stories and memories for life. From wedding to maternity, baby photography, food, product, fashion, commercial, and corporate event photography, we offer different photographic services. And here are some of our previous works-

Message From CEO

“As a leading photography agency in the country, valuing our customers’ demands is our paramount priority. But what keeps us in the leading position is not just following orders but seeing your demands as our dreams. And when it comes to fulfilling dreams, we leave no stone unturned. Only then do we give you the best creative solution that can ever be produced. We understand that today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories. So we assist clients in holding the most meaningful moments of their lives. This is one of the fundamentals on which we are built.”

Abu Sufian Nilove

Founder & CEO


Our Team

The experts behind the creation of your Imagination

Teamwork defines our core ideology. Being experts in different fields, we put our best in every project together and conjure beauty from every difficulty that comes forth.

At Nijol Creative Photography, we have the best photographer in Dhaka. All our team members ensure a safe environment for clients to express their inner selves. We have a passion for photography and know how to create and capture the right moment in the right way. Our team of expert photographers will tell your wedding stories every second across the clock in a manner that they will be cherished for years to come.

the team of expert photographers of Nijol Creative photography

Work Process

How We Work

We believe photography is not just about some photographs only. It’s about a story, moments, and love that you are going to cherish lifelong. Our approach to work is based on our client’s needs, and we always prioritize working on projects together as partners.

Our Testimonials

What Our Client Says

Our clients come from all walks of life. Not just in Bangladesh, we have also worked with clients from India and the USA. Our clients can better convey how our work has impacted them and what they feel about our services. So let’s hear from all our respected clients-

Don’t mistake thinking NijolCreative is only for wedding photography, this team is as much versatile as one can get! They did an AMAZING job covering our event at Digital World 2014, and we’ll definitely be looking forward to using NijolCreative’s service again in the future.

Saidur Mamun Khan

Country Manager, Upwork

Nijol Creative is actually one of the most renowned product and wedding photography agency that I have come across, have worked in several multinational projects with NC team and always had the most sincere services from them, price is very reasonable and the quality of work.

Shoeb Mohammad

Bangladesh Brand Ambassador at Payoneer

NijolCreative team is very enthusiastic in taking new challenges. Such thing happened in #Payoneer #Forum #Khulna 2016. They took the challenge of taking 300 funny photos in the event and print those photos while the show was on and delivered 300 printed photos !

Emrazina I. Khan

Bangladesh Brand Ambassador at Payoneer

Greetings From
Well Wishers

The Journey Of

Nijol creative wedding photography services


Let Us Capture Your Big Day Or Your Brand Through Our Lens

Trusted Partners

Brands We’ve Worked With

We are really fortunate to have the privilege of working with many big brands, both national and international. And we are feeling glad to share our success with you. So these are some of the brands we have worked with so far, and we hope to work with many more brands like these in the future.

Reliable partners and well-known brands collaborated with Nijol Creative
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