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Abu Sufian Nilove is the distinguished Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nijol Creative Photography. He commenced his professional journey in photography in 2006, turning a lifelong interest into a thriving career. From a young age, Mr. Nilove exhibited a natural affinity for creative expression, finding joy and passion in graphics and photography. His early creativity found an outlet in sketching and drawing, filling book covers and homework copies with his imaginative designs. These were the early indications of his innate artistic passion, a passion that, over time, gravitated towards the powerful medium of photography, marking the genesis of his illustrious career.

Abu Sufian Nilove - Founder and CEO of Nijol Creative photography

Abu Sufian Nilove

Founder & CEO

Mr. Abu Sufian Nilove embarked on his quest to transform his passion into a tangible reality by establishing a photography career in 2006 within a photo studio. He initially gathered the fundamentals of digital photography from a friend and subsequently refined his skills and honed his craft through avid self-guided study utilizing the resources available on the internet.

Following four rewarding years of studio photography, Mr. Nilove expanded his repertoire, immersing himself in the study of graphic design. This newly acquired knowledge propelled him into freelance graphic design, where he found substantial success. Between 2010 and 2012, he accomplished a remarkable amount of outsourcing work in graphic design while nurturing his core passion for photography by regularly performing clipping path and image editing work for his international clientele.

While Mr. Nilove stands as a testament to the efficacy of online resources in beginning a digital photography journey, he acknowledges the importance of formal education. This realization led him to undertake a Diploma in Photography from the acclaimed institution ‘PRISM’, supplementing his self-taught knowledge with academic rigor.

Today, he is the guiding force behind Nijol Creative Photography, the country’s leading digital photography company. The photo albums produced under Nijol Creative Photography are not mere collections of images but thoughtfully curated narratives that echo the lives of their subjects and reflect the unique artistic vision of Mr. Nilove.

In 2015, his entrepreneurial skill in photography was recognized with an award for the best photographic entrepreneur. Parallel to his successful photography career, he maintains an active presence in various societal and photographic initiatives, extending his talents as a social worker, e-commerce developer, public speaker, and organizer.

Mr. Nilove’s philosophy toward photography is rooted in honesty, sincerity, and intimacy. With a professional tenure exceeding a decade in digital photography, he has continually honed his aesthetic sensibility and technical skills. This dedication and passion are palpably reflected in his body of work, demonstrating that each photograph he captures is imbued with his heart and soul.

Abu Sufian Nilove - Founder & CEO of Nijol Creative


Awards & Rewards

Abu Sufian Nilove got award for the best photographic entrepreneur

In 2015, his entrepreneurial skill in photography was recognized with an award for the best photographic entrepreneur. 

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Abu Sufian Nilove - Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nijol Creative Photography

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