Professional Headshot Photography

Professional headshot photography revolves around creating superior-quality pictures primarily centered on a person’s facial features, typically encompassing the area from the shoulders upward. Such professional portraits aim to depict individuals in a refined and expert demeanor, commonly for applications in occupational or business-related scenarios.

Headshot photography is frequently used by professionals across many industries, including but not limited to actors, models, business leaders, innovators, and those within the corporate sphere. These images often enrich professional portfolios, company websites, digital networking profiles, business cards, curricula vitae, and various marketing materials.

Professional headshots aim to illuminate the subject’s individuality, capability, and approachability while preserving a professional aesthetic. The photographer collaborates closely with the subject to encapsulate the desired expression, leveraging optimal lighting, composition, and pose strategies to generate a captivating and aesthetically pleasing image.

Photographers specializing in headshots can function in a studio environment or at an external location, depending on the client’s preferences and the intended look and feel. For example, they may utilize high-end cameras, lighting tools, and post-production techniques to augment the end product and yield top-tier pictures that fulfill the client’s specifications.

The essence of professional headshot photography is pivotal in fostering a positive introductory interaction, building authenticity, and advancing personal branding in diverse professional environments.

Nijol Creative's Professional Headshot Photography

Types Of Headshot Photography

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from various headshot photography types; our expert photographer will capture the perfect shot.

Corporate Headshots
Company Headshots
Office Headshots
Team Headshots
CEO Headshots
Creative/Editorial Headshots
Entrepreneur/Professional Branding Headshots
Startup Headshots
Conference Headshots
LinkedIn Headshots
Executive Headshots
Group Headshots
Doctor Headshots
Therapist Headshots
Author Headshots
Lawyer Headshots
Actor/Actress Headshots
Model Headshots
Dating Headshots
Residency Headshots
Pet Headshots

Who Needs Professional Headshot Photography Service?

Expertly taken portrait photos can provide invaluable assistance to various people and sectors. The following segments stand to gain from top-notch portrait photography:

Corporate Professionals

Company executives, administrators, business owners, and staff across multiple sectors can reap the benefits of professionally taken headshots for their corporate profiles, online sites, and promotional content. This segment includes people working in the financial sector, consulting services, legal profession, healthcare, technology sector, and many more.

Actors and Actresses

Emerging and established actors and actresses necessitate portrait photos to highlight their looks, versatility, and acting skills. These photos play a crucial role during auditions, talent screenings, representation agencies, and networking in the industry.

Fashion Models

Models need premium-quality headshots for their personal portfolios, portfolio cards, agency applications, and casting calls. Such photos highlight their distinctive features, adaptability, and capacity to portray various styles and emotions.

Performing Artists

Musicians, vocalists, dancers, and other performers frequently use portrait photos for marketing needs, such as album artwork, concert advertising, press announcements, and online profiles.

Professionals in the Creative Industry

Individuals engaged in creative occupations like designing, fine arts, photography, writing, and filmmaking gain from portrait photos that mirror their artistic flair and individual brand. These photos can be employed for self-advertising, portfolio enhancement, and networking.

Public Figures

Public speakers, authors, and opinion leaders usually need professionally taken headshots for their books, websites, social media accounts, promotional events, and public speaking gigs.

Online Professionals

Professionals from diverse sectors can gain from refined portrait photos for their LinkedIn profiles and other social platforms. A professional headshot enhances authenticity and creates a favorable initial impression while networking with coworkers, clients, and potential employers.

Online Entrepreneurs and Influencers

People who operate online businesses, blogs, or social media channels can gain from portrait photos that mirror their brand, aiding in establishing trust and credibility with their audience.

Best Professional Headshot Photographer In Bangladesh - professional corporate portrait photographer

We Are The Best Professional Headshot Photographer In Bangladesh

At Nijol Creative, we believe that capturing an individual’s distinct personality through a headshot should not be daunting. Our professional photography services are specifically customized to meet a wide range of needs, whether seeking standout promotional photos, embarking on an extensive company rebrand, or pristine corporate headshots.

We are proud to offer the expertise of the finest headshot photographer in Bangladesh, assuring that you can place your trust in our exceptional skills and commitment to quality. Collaborating with our team guarantees a rewarding and enriching experience as we endeavor to exceed your expectations.

Our professional corporate portrait photographer pays precise attention to every detail, working diligently to transform your headshot into an outstanding one. We aim to highlight the unique attributes of each client, creating a captivating visual representation of your brand.

Our Process

Our Professional Headshot Photography Process

From developing the initial concept to delivering the photographs, Nijol creative will help you in every step. With the following processes, our team makes sure of a seamless and enjoyable headshot photography session.



At first, we will discuss how you are planning to use the photos, and based on this; we’ll set a concept.



Next, we’ll prepare all the aspects that will go into the shoot and schedule the date for the shoot.



Once the headshot photoshoot is done, we’ll go through the editing and touching-up process.



And lastly, we’ll finalize the best photos and deliver you the professionally edited copies.

Why Choose Us

What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to professional headshot photography, Nijol Creative can stamp professionalism across your brand identity with its expert photography. With our knowledge and expertise, we’ll perfectly capture your team’s essence and brand at affordable pricing.

Professional Photographers

We have a team of professional portrait and headshot photographers who ensure your portraits are perfect.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Yes, it’s been more than 10 years that all of us in our team are combinedly related to this photography industry and living our passion with joy.

24/7 Support and Services

Our customer service and support are one of the main reasons that we have sustained in this industry for so long and counting.

Affordable and Budget Friendly

Our most affordable but premium quality professional headshot photography prices can’t be beaten.


Our Professional Headshot Photoshoot

Professional headshot photographs can ace an individual or company’s first impression. And when done right, your photographs will demonstrate the quality that you deliver daily, reinforce your values, build trust among clients, and many more. We can help you achieve all this. But how? Find out by exploring our portfolio.

Our Pricing

Choose Our Packages

We have got you covered if you are looking for a professional headshot photographer near you. Look at our pricing table and choose your desired package.

Senior Photographer 2 hrs Studio Session (1 Person)

10,000 BDT 8,000 BDT

Abu Sufian Nilove 2 hrs Studio Session (1 Person)

20,000 BDT 18,000 BDT

Abu Sufian Nilove 3 hrs Studio Session (3 Person)

40,000 BDT 35,000 BDT

Abu Sufian Nilove 5 hrs Studio Session (5 Person)

60,000 BDT 50,000 BDT

Senior Photographer 2 hrs Outdoor Session (1 Person)

20,000 BDT 12,000 BDT

Abu Sufian Nilove 2 hrs Outdoor Session (1 Person)

50,000 BDT 40,000 BDT

Abu Sufian Nilove 4 hrs Outdoor Session (3 Person)

1,00,000 BDT 90,000 BDT


Professional Headshot Photography FAQ

When you search for a professional headshot photographer near me in Dhaka, it’s obvious that you will have some common questions in your mind. So, here we have covered some of the questions about professional headshot photography that we often get asked.

Client Testimonials

What Our Client Says

Our clients come from all walks of life. Not just in Bangladesh, we have also worked with clients from India and the USA. Our clients can better convey how our work has impacted them and what they feel about our services. So let’s hear from all our respected clients-

Don’t mistake thinking NijolCreative is only for wedding photography, this team is as much versatile as one can get! They did an AMAZING job covering our event at Digital World 2014, and we’ll definitely be looking forward to using NijolCreative’s service again in the future.

Saidur Mamun Khan

Country Manager, Upwork

Nijol Creative is actually one of the most renowned product and wedding photography agency that I have come across, have worked in several multinational projects with NC team and always had the most sincere services from them, price is very reasonable and the quality of work.

Shoeb Mohammad

Bangladesh Brand Ambassador at Payoneer

NijolCreative team is very enthusiastic in taking new challenges. Such thing happened in #Payoneer #Forum #Khulna 2016. They took the challenge of taking 300 funny photos in the event and print those photos while the show was on and delivered 300 printed photos !

Emrazina I. Khan

Bangladesh Brand Ambassador at Payoneer

Nijol Creative's Professional Photography Service


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Quality Is Our Guarantee

At Nijol Creative Photography, we understand that Corporate & Professional Headshot photography is crucial to create a positive first impression, building transparency, and conveying professionalism. With years of knowledge in this sector, our professional profile photographer is truly able to capture the spirit of your corp or business. With Nijol Creative, you can expect the best quality and guaranteed service as well as support at an affordable price that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Our Team

Experts Behind The Artworks, Photography & Choreography

Teamwork defines our core ideology. Being the best business profile photographer and event photographer Dhaka, we put our best in every project together and conjure the best from every difficulty that comes forth.

At Nijol Creative Photography, we have the best headshot photographers. All our team members ensure a safe environment for clients. We have a passion for photography and know how to capture the strongest angles of clients in front of the camera by advising them on the right way to pose. We will help you build the perfect portfolio for your brand with expert results.

the team of expert photographers of Nijol Creative photography

Trusted Partners

Brands We’ve Worked With

We are really fortunate to have the privilege of working with many big brands, both national and international. And we are feeling glad to share our success with you. So these are some of the brands we have worked with so far, and we hope to work with many more brands like these in the future.

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