What Not to Do for Headshot Photography

What Not to Do for Headshot Photography?

Headshot photography is crucial for making a great impression, whether for professional profiles or personal branding. However, certain pitfalls can detract from the effectiveness of your headshots. So, what not to do for headshot photography?

Simply avoid wearing distracting clothing or accessories, using heavy makeup, over-editing photos, or ignoring communication with your photographer about your preferences. It’s also not appropriate to rush the session or compromise on grooming or look. 

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into these common mistakes and provide you with tips on how to avoid them, ensuring you get the best headshots possible.

The Significance of Headshot Photography in Bangladesh

Headshot photography plays a crucial role in Bangladesh, particularly in professional settings. A compelling headshot can enhance one’s online presence and personal branding. People in Bangladesh are increasingly aware of the importance of a professional headshot photographer.

The Significance of Headshot Photography in Bangladesh

A good headshot may make a big impact, especially in Bangladesh where first impressions are crucial. A skilled headshot photographer in Bangladesh can effectively convey a person’s personality and professionalism for their business card, corporate website, or LinkedIn page. In a crowded employment market, owning a strong headshot can help one stand out and leave a lasting impression on prospective clients or employers.

A lot of talented photographers in Bangladesh are now charging reasonable prices for headshots, making the practice more widely available. Because headshot photography services are becoming more in demand across the nation, accessibility has made it easier for people to invest in their professional image.

Types of Headshot Photography You Can Explore

There are a variety of headshot photography styles to experiment with, each with a distinct function. Every demand can be met by a different style, whether it’s a more creative editorial look or a classic business headshot.

Types of Headshot Photography You Can Explore

Here are some unique types of headshot photography you can explore:

Corporate Headshots

These are typically more formal and professional, often used for business profiles and company websites. They focus on presenting a professional image of the individual, highlighting their confidence and approachability. Corporate headshots are ideal for establishing credibility and trustworthiness in the corporate world.

Company Headshots

Similar to corporate headshots, these are used to represent a specific company or brand. They often aim to convey a sense of unity and professionalism among employees, showcasing the company’s culture and values. Company headshots can help create a cohesive brand image across all marketing materials.

Office Headshots

These are taken in the office environment, showcasing the workspace and adding a personal touch to the headshot. They can help clients and customers connect with the individual on a more personal level, showcasing the individual’s work environment and personality.

Team Headshots

These involve photographing a group of individuals, such as a team or department. They emphasize teamwork and collaboration within an organization, showcasing the strength of the team and the unity among its members. Team headshots can help build trust and rapport with clients and customers.

CEO Headshots

These are specifically tailored to capture the leadership qualities of a CEO. They often aim to convey authority, confidence, and approachability, showcasing the CEO as a strong and capable leader. CEO headshots are crucial for creating a positive impression of the company’s leadership.

Creative/Editorial Headshots

These are more artistic and expressive, and often used in creative industries such as fashion or entertainment. They allow for more creativity and personality to shine through in the headshot, showcasing the individual’s unique style and creativity. Creative/editorial headshots are ideal for individuals looking to make a bold and memorable statement.

Should You Hire a Professional Photographer for Headshot Photography?

Yes, hiring a professional photographer for headshot photography is highly recommended. Professional headshots are important because they showcase professionalism and personality. Professional photographers, equipped with expertise and necessary equipment, excel in capturing high-quality images that can make a significant impact. Moreover, they can provide invaluable guidance on posing and styling to ensure you look your best.

Should You Hire a Professional Photographer for Headshot Photography

Here are some factors to consider when hiring a professional photographer for your headshots:

Quality of Work

Look at the photographer’s portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision. This will help you determine if they can deliver the quality of headshot you’re looking for. A photographer with a diverse portfolio showcasing different styles and techniques can indicate versatility and skill.


Consider the photographer’s experience in headshot photography. Experienced photographers are likely to have a better understanding of lighting, posing, and composition, resulting in better-quality headshots. For example, Nijol Creatives is known as one of the best photography service providers in Bangladesh, with a strong portfolio and years of experience.


Compare the costs of different photographers, keeping in mind that higher prices don’t always guarantee better quality. Consider your budget and the value you’ll receive from the photographer’s services. Some photographers may offer package deals or discounts for multiple sessions.

Location and Convenience

Choose a photographer who is conveniently located and offers a comfortable environment for the shoot. This can make the process more enjoyable and convenient for you. For example, if you need a headshot photographer in Dhaka, ensure they are located in or near the city for easy access.

Reviews and Recommendations

Look for reviews and recommendations from past clients to get an idea of the photographer’s reputation and customer satisfaction. This can help you make an informed decision when choosing a photographer for your headshots.

How Do You Prepare Yourself for the Headshot Photograph?

Getting ready for a headshot photograph involves more than just showing up in front of the camera. It’s about presenting the best version of yourself, capturing your personality, and making a strong impression.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Headshot Photograph

Here is the step-by-step process of how do you prepare yourself for the headshot photograph:

Step-1. Choose the Right Outfit

Select an outfit that complements your skin tone and fits well. Avoid busy patterns or loud colors that can distract from your face. Opt for solid, neutral colors that enhance your features and convey the desired professional or casual look.

Step-2. Get a Professional Haircut

A fresh haircut can make a big difference in your appearance. Visit a trusted hairstylist a few days before the shoot to allow time for your hair to settle. Ensure your hairstyle aligns with the image you want to project in your headshot.

Step-3. Practice Your Pose and Smile

Practice posing in front of a mirror to find your best angles. A natural smile can make your headshot more inviting, so think of something that genuinely makes you happy. Remember to relax your shoulders and maintain good posture.

Step-4. Apply Appropriate Makeup

For a polished look, apply makeup that enhances your features without looking overdone. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone, and keep eye makeup and lipstick subtle. Men should consider using a translucent powder to reduce shine.

Step-5. Get Plenty of Rest

Ensure you’re well-rested before the photo shoot. Adequate sleep helps reduce under-eye circles and gives your skin a healthy glow. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep the night before.

Step-6. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your shoot to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best. Avoid alcohol and salty foods that can cause bloating or puffiness. Staying hydrated will help you look refreshed and vibrant in your headshot.

What Not to Do for Headshot Photography?

Making the greatest impression on people is the main goal of headshot photography. A few mistakes can quickly lessen the impact of your picture. To make sure your headshot is nothing short of spectacular, avoid these mistakes.

What Not to Do for Headshot Photography

  • Avoid Distracting Clothing: Stick to simple, solid-colored attire to keep the focus on your face, rather than loud patterns or logos that can divert attention.
  • Minimize Heavy Makeup: Opt for a natural makeup look to enhance your features without overshadowing them. Overdone makeup can appear unnatural and detract from your authentic self.
  • Don’t Over-Edit: Keep retouching to a minimum to preserve your natural appearance. Excessive editing can result in a photo that looks more artificial than flattering.
  • Communicate Preferences: Engage in open dialogue with your photographer about your style and vision. Miscommunication can lead to a final product that doesn’t align with your expectations.
  • Rushing Is a No-Go: Allocate enough time for your session to relax and capture the best shots. A rushed session can lead to a less-than-ideal outcome.
  • Don’t Neglect Grooming: Pay attention to your hair and overall grooming to ensure a polished and professional look. An untidy appearance can undermine the professionalism of your headshot.

A great headshot is all about preparation and attention to detail. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you’ll be on your way to a headshot that truly showcases your professionalism and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions about What Not to Do for Headshots?

Here are some of the FAQs and their relevant answers for a clear concept of what not to do for headshots:

Can I Wear Busy Patterns or Bright Colors for My Headshot?

It’s best to avoid busy patterns and bright colors as they can distract from your face. Opt for neutral or solid colors that complement your skin tone for a more professional look.

Is It Okay to Use a Lot of Makeup for A Headshot?

While makeup can enhance your features, it’s important to keep it natural and subtle. Overdone makeup can make your headshot look less authentic and more like a glamour shot.

Should I Heavily Edit My Headshot to Look Perfect?

Over-editing can make your headshot look artificial and unrepresentative of your true self. Aim for minimal retouching that enhances your natural features without altering your appearance drastically.

Is It Necessary to Discuss My Preferences with The Photographer?

Absolutely. Clear communication with your photographer about your style and expectations is crucial to ensure the final headshot meets your needs and reflects your personal brand.

Can I Rush My Headshot Session if I’m Short on Time?

Rushing your headshot session is not advisable. It’s important to allocate enough time to relax, try different poses, and ensure you get the best possible shots.

How Important Is Grooming for A Headshot?

Grooming is extremely important for a headshot. Well-groomed hair and a neat appearance contribute to a professional and polished image, so don’t overlook this aspect.


Experiencing the power of a well-executed headshot cannot be underestimated, especially in the professional sphere. A good headshot serves as a visual introduction, conveying your professionalism and personality. It’s an essential tool for enhancing your online presence and personal branding in today’s digital age.

When considering what not to do for headshot photography, it’s crucial to avoid distractions and maintain a focus on your best self. Avoid wearing loud patterns, applying heavy makeup, or rushing through the session. Communicating effectively with your photographer and paying attention to grooming details will ensure your headshot accurately represents you.

Making wise decisions and being prepared are ultimately the keys to a great headshot. By steering clear of common pitfalls, you can create a headshot that stands out for all the right reasons. Take advantage of this chance to highlight your special talents and allow your headshot to lead to new career opportunities.

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